Customizable Christ and Baby Portrait - In His Hands

Customizable Christ and Baby Portrait - In His Hands

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I know so many people who have sweet babes to hold. I know so many people who have lost their sweet babes. This piece is perfect for both and all situations. It reminds us that whether they are here with us or there with Him, He loves them and is watching over them! They are in His hands and in His care. 

I am so excited to offer customization to this piece to include the special babe in your life! To see our children with their Redeemer, even if only in art form, is just special. I started creating these pieces with my children so they would always have a reminder that He is always with them. I would love to create this piece for you to have as well! These make the most beautiful gifts for parents to be, parents who grieve, Mothers or Fathers day, Christmas, blessing day gifts, etc. 

Please choose whether you want a physical print of your painting, a digital file, or both. Once you have ordered please email me at with a profile photo of the baby you wish to be painted. The photo needs to be a direct profile photo. I also need high quality, light photos to capture the details. If you can send a photo of someone holding the baby in the same pose as the painting that would help as well!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

NOTE: I am working on creating pieces of children at different ages with Christ! So if you would like one of those, know that they are coming and I will post as soon as they are available! Thanks for the love!