My goal in creating these pieces is to bring the spirit into your home through unique gospel art. My Angel Moroni Temple Topper Collection came from a desire to create temple art that was unique yet still portrayed the spirit of the Temple. I feel like the Angel Moroni Statue Paintings do just that!

I am also starting a collection I like to call 'In His Hands'. This collection draws unique attention to how Christ loved children and how they are always in His hands. Whether they are here with us, or there with Him, they are always in His watchful care. This collection will consist of Christ with different aged children, portraying His love for all children at every stage of life. I started this collection out of a desire for my children to have a reminder that He is with them always. It has been such a sweet experience to create these pieces I want to share them with everyone! Those who see these paintings tell me they "immediately felt the spirit", or were "overtaken by the spirit". Those are the feelings I get when I create these pieces and so hope you will experience them as well!

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