We offer two types of custom portraits here at Mint and Main. Watercolor portraits on paper and digital watercolor portraits. Both are beautiful options for preserving sweet moments in your life and both make beautiful gifts for those around you.

Watercolor Portraits on Paper. These are hand-drawn, hand-painted watercolor portraits on 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper. Perfect for those sentimental moments you wish to preserve for many generations! 

Digital Watercolor Portraits. These are also hand-drawn portraits done using a special digital technique that closely resembles the look of actual watercolor. Digital portraits are perfect for sharing on the web, such as websites, social media, etc. I also offer the option to have them printed in the size of your choice on 60lb textured linen paper for a beautifully vibrant look and luxurious feel. 

Either option provides a beautiful and unique way to capture and preserve precious moments!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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